Imagine for a moment that everything is made of energy. Picture it as wind making the trees sway. The wind is invisible but you can see the branches move because of it. You know the wind exists even though you cannot see it.

You are spiritual energy in a physical body serving a purpose in this life. Energy translation is a way to discover the information encoded in your energy.

Cynthia channels energy from your spirit guides to interpret your transformative energy for you. Your spirit guides are always trying to communicate with you and remind you of what experiences you designed for this life and why. Spirit guides are loved ones from your past (in this life and/or previous lives) and other energetic entities to whom you assigned specific tasks before you came into this life. Some spirit guides stay with you from birth to death. Some leave when their assignments are complete and other spirit guides arrive to assume the assignments that are next.



Cynthia has the ability to “hear” and translate what your spirit guides (and sometimes other loved ones) want to remind you: that you are here for a reason and it is by your own design. You might have simply forgotten or never fully connected with what your purpose is. That’s what your spirit guides and your higher Self are for.

Transformative energy is the energy you designated in this life to be transformed–whether it is unresolved energy from a past life and/or energy that has yet to experience something fundamental in order to be understood. This energy is transformed through the experiences and purpose you designed for yourself.

Why is energy transformation so important? 

It is why you are here. You traveled as raw Source Energy to the universe to experience everything you already know as energy so that you can return to Source as experienced energy. That is the ultimate purpose of all life. Transformation will always carry you where you need to go—or, more accurately, where you designed yourself to go.

Transformation and change can be scary. Sometimes we want it, but hesitate to leave what we know. Change will happen anyway, whether in this life or another. Embrace the life-changing opportunities that you designed for yourself so that you can transform your spiritual energy that you came here to resolve in this life. 

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