Many call me Cyndi but I always write my name as Cynthia. I was born in 1970 and grew up in New Jersey, USA. My family and dog make me happy along with this new phase of life as a spiritual medium. If you had told me years ago that I would be doing this work, I would have been so excited. I also probably wouldn’t have believed you.



Cynthia uses energy translation to bridge the gap between you and your spirit guides

A note from spirit…
 “Cynthia agreed to follow us into the unknown-to-her world of spiritual energy. She is brave but humble and very much wants to serve in the name of Transformation. She has been practicing her work for years now and is eager to share it with the world.”

How would I– someone who believed I did not have spirit guides because I didn’t hear or see them–find my way to communicating so clearly with the Other Side?

One thing I now know is that I didn’t begin this journey because of luck. It is by design. It requires dedication to the practices of openness and stillness. Not things most of us are comfortable working with at first.

How would I get so lucky to serve this amazing purpose?

We are all communicating with spiritual energy (our own and that on the Other Side) all of the time. Becoming an energy translator is simply becoming aware of energy and co-creating with it. By learning to go within, listen to and trust your own inner voice, you gain access to everything you'll ever need to know.

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In our session, I will communicate information for you in this life. I will also communicate from your spirit guides your soul purpose in this life and help you uncover your highest Self.

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