What would the world look like if everyone understood their own spiritual design?

Imagine you are eternal. Now, imagine that you, as eternal spiritual energy, come into a physical life to serve a purpose. You design this purpose before you are born into a life and this purpose is encoded in your energy field. This purpose goes wherever you go and attracts the particular experiences you seek to help you to transform unresolved energy. Unresolved energy can either be from a past life and/or fundamental experiences still waiting to be discovered and understood.


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Each life you live is a cycle designed to allow for experience and transformation. Each life that you design has specific resolutions that you wish to work on. Some resolutions take a single life to resolve, and some take many lives to resolve. Spiritual energy is infinite and, therefore, unconcerned with time. Transformation takes as long as it takes—no experience is lost or wasted. Experience is why you are here. It is the work of our lives.

What is transformation exactly? It is the understanding of your Self as eternal energy through physical experiences.

Cynthia is a spiritual medium here to bridge the gap between you and your spirit guides. With her developed energy channeling skills, she can gather and interpret messages from your guides.

She will help you to discover what you destined yourself for in this life and who on the Other Side is assisting you with your purpose and why.

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“Working with Cynthia was simultaneously soothing and invigorating, providing me with enlightening inspiration and the courage to trust in my ability to be a positive and meaningful force.”



You are spiritual energy in a physical body serving a purpose in this life. But how do you know what purpose you designed for your life? This is where energy channeling and translation comes in. This information is encoded in your energy field and you carry it with you everywhere you go in this world, attracting particular experiences accordingly.



Cynthia interprets the knowledge from your higher Self, your spirit guides assigned to you by you for specific tasks, and Master (teacher) spirits, who are energetic entities designed to teach you very specific things necessary for transformation.