Spiritual medium who channels energy to help people discover and understand what they are meant for in this life

Cynthia will relate to you from your higher Self and your own spirit guides what you designed as your purpose in this life before you were born. Not only that but she will also communicate direct messages to you from your spirit guides and Master (teacher) spirits so you can better understand where you are in life and why. They also communicate an applicable past-life memory and how you can best approach the future, which always revolves around opportunities for transformation.

Do you wish you understood the ultimate purpose of your life? 

Cynthia has spent the last three years dedicated to honing her energy channeling abilities and working with people to translate to them what their spirit guides want them to know, which always revolves around the transformative energy you designed for this life. She will communicate direct messages to you from your spirit guides and Master (teacher) spirits so you can better understand where you are in life and guide you to your higher Self.

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Cynthia works as a channel between you, your spirit guides, and Source to discover your human design.

Source is the place from which we originated before we came to this universe as spiritual energy in physical form. Everyone in the world is made of spiritual energy and originates from Source. Cynthia helps you to receive information that Source would like for you to know. Once we experience all there is to know, we can begin to make our way back to Source as experienced energy.

We all originated from Source

Cynthia is a spiritual medium here to bridge the gap between you and your spirit guides. With her developed energy channeling skills, she can gather and interpret messages from your guides.

She will help you to discover what you destined yourself for in this life and who on the Other Side is assisting you with your purpose and why.

Meet Cynthia

“Working with Cynthia was simultaneously soothing and invigorating, providing me with enlightening inspiration and the courage to trust in my ability to be a positive and meaningful force.”

-- Beth



Cynthia interprets the knowledge from your higher Self, your spirit guides assigned to you by you for specific tasks, and Master (teacher) spirits, who are energetic entities designed to teach you very specific things necessary for transformation.

You are spiritual energy in a physical body serving a purpose in this life. But how do you know what purpose you designed for your life? This is where energy channeling and translation comes in. This information is encoded in your energy field and you carry it with you everywhere you go in this world, attracting particular experiences accordingly.

Using Energy Channeling to Communicate

Explore the world of energy transformation with Cynthia in her podcast. The podcast reveals information about how the world works and why. It will discuss why you are here and the purpose of your existence.

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What would the world look like if everyone understood their own spiritual design?